Wake up my Soul starts off the Soul Survivor – Live Worship 94 CD with a bang. For the longest time, this Matt Redman classic has been a firm favourite of mine. I love the message of running for the prize and the hint to finish well – two important lessons for us to keep in mind as we live from day to day, making hundreds of decisions that affect/impact us down the line.

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Written by Matt Redman
Copyright © 1994 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music.

Worship the Lord of truth and life.
Have strength, my heart,
Press on as one who seeks the prize.
I’ll run for You, my God and King,
I’ll run as one who runs to win.
I’m pressing on, not giving in.
I will run, I will run for You, my King.

And Spirit come, give life to us,
Come breathe the Father’s love in us.
Won’t You fill us once again?
And we will run and run with Him.
We’ll run with strength,
With all our might,
We’ll fix our eyes on Jesus Christ;
He has conquered death and sin,
And we will run and run and run
With Him.
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