Thank You (For Making Me) is yet another song from the Soundtrack to my (Christian) Life. I’ve been wanting to do a video to this song for the longest time, so here it is – finally. #95… we’re counting down to our first 100. :))

It’s easy to see why this song caught my attention when I first heard it, nearly 15 years ago. The juxtaposition of our attitude versus God’s is fascinating and also embarrassing. Thank you Danny Cope for a great song!

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Thank You for Your patience and
Your endless mercy
Thank You for the blessings
You keep pouring on me
Thank you for your graciousness and
Unrelenting faithfulness
Thank you for making me

I give You my excuses
And You give me Your hand
I love You for Your uses
And You love me as I am
I fail to meet Your standards
But You don’t fail to meet my needs
You’re more than I believe

I fail to give You ev’rything
But You give nothing less
I save You hardly anything
But You save me from death
I make You my convenience
And You take and make me whole
You’ve saved this thirsty soul

(Thank you for taking me)

I treat You as my helpline
And You treat me with Your grace
I try to keep You at the sidelines
And You still keep me safe
I forget all that You’ve done
And You forget all I’ve done wrong
And You take and make me strong

(Thank you for saving me)
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