No One Like You Lord is one of Robin Mark’s lesser known compositions. [I’ve been listening to this CD for 20 years and only found out who the lyricist is during the making of this video.] One of the things we want to do on this channel is feature songs that should be better known than they are. Listen through your headphones for some great musicianship. They lyrics speak for themselves. Mal Popes vocals and arrangement make this is top notch praise and worship song.

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You are the stone that the builders rejected
A rock of refuge where my pride is broken
A sure foundation when the sand is sinking
Where we are built upon like living stones

There is no one else like You
There is no one like You Lord
There is no one else like You
Son of Man and Son of God
Son of Man and Son of God

When from the cross You to the depths descended
The hosts of hell conspired to make You captive
But every chain of sin and death You’ve broken
And triumphed over by Your mighty power

I want to run the race You’ve set before me
Even to share in the suffering of the cross
That I might gain the prize for which You called me
To be with You, Son of Man and Son of God
I might be with You, Son of Man, Son of God

Then from the earth You to the heights ascended
Where You are seated at Your Father’s right hand
Forever pleading for the souls that You’ve rescued
Forever watching as You call us home

Written by Robin Mark
© Integrity’s Hosanna! Music
2002 ICC Studios
Lead Vocal: Mal Pope
Backing Vocals: Esther Alexander, Julie Costello, Mal Pope
Keyboards, Hammond Organ & Programming: Marks Edwards
Electric Guitars: Neil Costello
Acoustic Guitar: Dave Clifton
I do not own the copyright to the song or the recording. Stock video footage is from Thank you Christian Bodhi!