This video is made especially for and dedicated to a huge supporter of this channel, James Parenzee. On Saturday morning (3/7/21) we heard that James lost his life to COVID-19. He did not suffer long.

Lord of Africa is the second track on Friends First’s ground breaking album We See A New Africa. Recorded way back in the early 1990s, it features both black and white South African musicians coming together to create music that is still a firm favourite on my playlist today. I had introduced James to this album just a couple of weeks back. We never had the chance to chat about his impression of it but I know he would have loved it. Lord of Africa is my favourite track on the CD.

Whilst creating this video, I noted on the sleeve that the album was finished off in Cape Town, so it is a fitting tribute with a geographic connection as well. :))

Just an update on what is happening with ExaltHimvdo. On Saturday, we recorded 100,000 views. Thank you!

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Lord of Africa
By Friends First (From the album: We See a New Africa)
Written by N Paton/A Mkhize

All things in earth and in heaven
Are being brought together in Him
One people, One nation
We’ll stand side by side before Him
All things will be uncovered
In the searching gaze of the King
No apartheid segregation
As we stand reconciled we’ll sing

Jesus is the Lord of this land
Africa is in His hands
Jesu uyiNkosi yaleli zwe
Afrika isesandleni saKhe
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