How Can I Be Free is another gem from the Spring Harvest Live Worship ’92 album… The quality of this recording is significantly better than the years preceding this with the lead vocals being prominent on many of the songs. Written by Graham Kendrick and Steve Thompson, it has an instantly likeable melody.

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Written by Graham Kendrick & Steve Thompson.
Copyright © 1991 Make Way Music.

How can I be free from sin?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.
From the guilt, the power, the pain?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.
There’s no other way,
No price that I could pay;
Simply to the cross I cling.
This is all I need,
This is all I plead,
That His blood was shed for me.

How can I know peace within?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.
Sing a song of joy again!
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.
Flowing from above,
All-forgiving love
From the Father’s heart to me!
What a gift of grace –
His own righteousness
Clothing me in purity!

How can I live day by day?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.
Following His narrow way?
Lead me to the cross of Jesus.

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