This gem by Graham Kendrick might have been well and truly lost had New Horizon not put it on their 1988 album “Songs of Graham Kendrick”. (The lyrics aren’t in the Songs of Fellowship book). It is my fourth video from the album and there are still more I would like to do from it!

Best experienced with a calm spirit in a quiet place. Just three verses and an unhurried tempo, it is simplicity at its best! I would love to hear your thoughts. It is the last in my mini-series on God’s holiness. (The other two are You Alone Are Holy…​ and Who May Ascend…​)

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Written by Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1983 Thankyou Music

Here in this holy place
Beyond the veil
Your awesome presence
Bids us silent now
In holy fear we stand
Feeling the breath
Of Your Spirit blowing here

Cleansed by the precious blood
Now we draw near
In full assurance
Of Your perfect love
Boldly we come before
Your throne of grace
For Your Spirit calls us here

Dear Lord I want to hear
Your gentle voice
Let other voices
Cease their worrying
And in their stillness
Open my eyes
To Your lovely smiling face

I do not own the copyright for the song or the recording. Stock video credits (with huge thanks) are as follows:
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