This has got to be one of the most upbeat songs on my channel so far. I think if I had to create a playlist called “Songs for a Bad Day” this would start it off! God is Great, written at the turn of the century by Marty Sampson gets a fantastic arrangement with excellent musicianship from Graham Kendrick’s band member, Steve Thompson along with a few others. From the roar of the crowd at the beginning, right to the end, I don’t know if it is possible to listen to this without getting involved! One of the best modern worship songs, and another which is twenty years old this year!

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Worshipping in spirit and in truth.
Glory to the Faithful One,
Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

All creation gives You praise,
You alone are truly great;
You alone are God who reigns
For eternity.

God is great and His praise
Fills the earth, fills the heavens,
And Your name will be praised
Through all the world.
God is great, sing His praise
All the earth, all the heavens,
‘Cause we’re living for the glory of Your name,
The glory of Your name.

All to You, O God, we bring.
Jesus, teach us how to live.
Let Your fire burn in us
That all may hear and all may see.

“Holy is the Lord,”
The whole earth sings,
The whole earth sings.

Written by Marty Sampson
© 2001 Marty Sampson/Hillsong Publishing/Kingsway Music
I do not own the copyright to the song or recording. Stock video footage is from Thank you RaptureRussell!