ExaltHIM is a project borne out of the desire to bring good quality, well crafted songs that glorify Almighty God to the fore once more, particularly concentrating on the overall message and the truth it conveys.

A good song, is a good song, is a good song, no matter how old it is. Anything that’s well written and well-produced will stand the test of time.

It all started when I did a search for the song Jonah by the artist Nia. I wanted to share the Soundtrack to My Life with a friend halfway across the world and the easiest way to do it was by creating a playlist on YouTube. I found everything I was looking for except for one song. A friend recommended an easy to use video editor and thus began my journey into making lyric videos which are designed for use in worship services in churches or small gatherings. It was the first time in a long time that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

The soundtrack to these videos remains the star of this project. The visuals are there just to provide something to look at and are purposely kept simple so the viewer can concentrate on the lyrics and message. I hope you are blessed by the music and lyrics.

The copyright for all the audio belongs to the artist and/or publisher and is listed in the description and/or at the end of each video. This is my way of saying a huge “thank you” to the creators of beautiful music that has greatly enriched my life and walk in the Lord.

aka GadgetKid DXB
aka CJtheRetroDJ

PS. If there’s a worship song you’d like to use for a service or meeting and you need a video made, please get in touch. I can usually turn around a video in a day.